Manufacturer: Yunnan Meng Hai Tea Industry.

Weight: 250 grams

Shape: brick



“Brother” – this is how the name of this original shu pu-erh, pressed in the form of a brick, is literally translated. Undoubtedly, the quality of the manufactured products of this tea factory is difficult to overestimate: Puerh masters, according to the technology and quantity of production, prepare teas as for “their own”. Check out this rare aged shu pu-erh! It will certainly delight you with its invigorating earthy aroma and subtle hints of oak bark and hints of chocolate.

And the cryptic text that a diligent student draws from the poster reads as follows: “Do not be afraid of sacrifices, overcome difficulties and strive for victory!”.

Aroma: Expressive notes of walnut and earthy moisture with subtle hints of chocolate.

To brew it, you need to take clean, prepared water, bring it to a temperature of about 95 degrees, take about 5 … 10 grams of pu-erh for one tea party. Put the pu-erh into a gaiwan, rinse the tea, brew it with infusions or exposures, starting with about 20 seconds of contact between tea and water and increasing the time of contact between water and tea by 10 seconds with each brewing.

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