Chinese Standard for Puer Tea: GB/T22111-2008.

Origin: China, Yunnan province.

Made: in 2015.

Net weight: 180 g.



To cha “Two Phoenixes” is an excellent pu-erh, which is characterized by a deep, mild taste, which is achieved through a high degree of fermentation of the leaves. This tea has earthy notes in taste and aroma with slight hints of prunes and a sweetish, bright and long pleasant aftertaste. This tea is worth drinking during the day and early in the evening.

Thanks to its convenient packaging, this tea is ideal for tea ceremonies not only at home or at a party. The remarkable nest-like shape in which this tea is pressed makes it easy to cut it under any circumstances.

Color of the infusion: “Two Phoenixes” gives a very dense and rich infusion, comparable to oil.

The effect of this tea will be a feeling of cheerfulness that does not leave you for a long time, causing a surge of inspiration and a desire to act. Tea lovers have long noticed that while drinking this tea in the company of friends, an easy and relaxed atmosphere is sure to arise.

It is important to remember that tea should be drunk in moderation to avoid possible discomfort. We do not bring the water to a boil, we adhere to the temperature of 92-95 degrees, we drain the first brewing and rinse the tea. The next brewing is increased by 10 seconds. “Two Phoenixes” can withstand about seven brews.

Pu-erh “Two Phoenixes” is able to have a slight therapeutic effect – to improve digestion. In addition, “Two Phoenixes” is able to gently calm the nervous system, helps relieve stress and nervous tension.

In addition to the main properties characteristic of pu-erh, drinking this tea can help the body get rid of toxins and promote weight loss and normalization of weight for those who are concerned about being overweight.

Pu-erh “Two Phoenixes” is able to retain useful qualities for a long time, so it is suitable both for brewing a short time after purchase, and for long-term storage.

Enjoy high-quality bright pu-erh “Two Phoenixes”!

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