Shu Puerh Palace Tea Brick


Manufacturer: Tea factory “Dragon”

Weight: 100 grams


Year of manufacture: 2009



“Palace Tea Brick” is the authentic name for this pressed shu pu-erh. The quality pleases with the presence of both leaves and buds, which noticeably affects the taste, giving it a distinct touch of dried fruit. Fermented tea bricks are made from pure, selected raw materials from centuries-old palace trees on the southern border of China.

Aroma: deep earthy, with hints of dried fruit.

Taste: soft, dense, resinous, with a taste of prunes.

To brew it you need to take clean, prepared water, bring it to a temperature of about 95 degrees, take about 5 … 10 grams of pu-erh for one tea party. Put the pu-erh into a gaiwan, rinse the tea, brew it with infusions or exposures, starting with about 20 seconds of contact between tea and water and increasing the time of contact between water and tea by 10 seconds with each brewing.

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