Year of production: 2015.

Place of Origin: Mainland China, Yunnan Province

Manufacturer: Chuaner Tea Tree King Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Quality certificate: QS5328 1401 0505 16.

Puer tea standard: GB/T22111-2008



Fragrant, incredibly tonic shu pu-erh “Scroll of Independence” from Yunnan, 2015 production. Approximately half of the leaves in the pancake of this tea have a light brown tint, which indicates the high quality of the raw materials from which this pu-erh pancake weighing 357 grams is made. Tea has a unique tonic effect, amazing aroma and deep, rich taste.

Color of infusion: rich black-red color.

Aroma: pleasant, rich aroma of nuts and dried fruits.

Вкус: характерный для пуэров высокого качества, приятный, мягкий, без ноток горечи.

Appearance: characteristic of high quality shu pu-erh, with a large number of small light brown tea leaves.

Brewing Pu-erh “Independence Scroll” follows the rules for brewing classic shu pu-erh: take about 5 … 10 grams of tea for tea drinking in a company of two or three people or for a single tea drinking. Bring soft water to a temperature of about 90-95 degrees, rinse the tea before brewing, and brew it with exposures in a gaiwan or teapot. The time of contact of water and tea can be gradually increased, starting with 15 … 20 seconds of contact of water and tea in the brewing vessel.

We wish you vivid impressions from life after drinking tea with the Scroll of Independence tea!

Additional information

Weight 0,357 kg
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1/2 (175 gram), 1/4 (85 gram), Whole


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