Type: fermented, shu pu-erh.

Manufacturer: Yunnan Tea King Tea Industry Co., Ltd.

Made: 2015.



Traditional, classic shu pu-erh of the highest quality. Sometimes it is very pleasant to find a good, high-quality classic among fermented pu-erhs, with a fairly bright taste and aroma, and with all the standard attributes of shu pu-erh. Yes, and with a wonderful, truly shu pu-erh tea effect.

The tea is not tightly pressed, it separates easily. The tea leaf is partially crushed, petioles are large, dense. Soaked brew pleases the eye with fairly large leaves and rich deep, almost black, color.

The aroma is earthy, woody, reminiscent of sawdust and cracked nuts at the same time, while the smell is quite sharp, bright, attracting attention.

The taste is woody, raw, flowing into a very long, sweet, juicy aftertaste. By the fourth or fifth tea leaves, pleasant nutty notes appear, then astringency.

The infusion is thick, oily, oily, opaque, coffee-colored with a reddish tint.

The tea effect of pu-erh “Concubine with a butterfly” is powerful, energetic, intense, evening. When, against the background of daytime fatigue and one desire – to sleep in a horizontal position – such a charge of Qi appears, which gives a few more hours of intense mental work and an acute desire to take a walk in the fresh air. A wonderful evening tea that you can drink every time when after work you only have to crawl home. With “The Concubine with a Butterfly” the evening is not only filled with bright red colors, but actually turns into another day, full of experiences and sensations.

It is not difficult to brew “Concubine with a Butterfly”: the water temperature is 93 … 95 degrees, we withstand the first brew for 10 … seconds and pour the shepherds into the tray, rinsing the tea. The next brewing can be 25…30 seconds, the third 30…40 – we gradually increase the time of brewing tea, focusing on the color, taste, smell of tea infusion. On average, this shu pu-erh can withstand up to 12 brews.

Feel the real “Concubine with a Butterfly” while drinking tea with this amazing tea!

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