Red Pu-erh “Old Tea Street”


Memorable, thanks to its unique aroma, high-quality shu pu-erh “Old Tea Street”. If you are fed up with the usual “earthy” notes in shu pu-erh, we have a great representative for you, which has no equal analogues. In addition, the pronounced tea invigorating effect will literally bring positive and impressions to your day.



Shu pu-erh “Old Tea Street” is pressed into a standard teacake, or the more well-known name is a standard teacake 357g. The high quality of raw materials and production, while aging, can compete with older pu-erh.

The pancake is not pressed very tightly, with careful delamination, the light upper leaves are clearly visible, and the literal absence of sticks and stems also pleases.

The infusion from the first brewing is very thick and oily. The color of the infusion is comparable to strong ground coffee. Gradually gaining saturation and density.

The most important thing in “Old Tea Street” pu-erh is its unsurpassed aroma, almonds are the base of the range, which are joined by notes of dried apricots and walnuts. Because of the bright and very appetizing aroma, you want to drink it continuously, without letting go of the bowl.

The taste is also quite rare, since each sip falls easily on the tongue, at first it is distinctly nutty-sweet and only after a couple of seconds a slight bitterness is felt on the tip of the tongue.

Tea effect: Brightly invigorating, it’s hard to say that in the evening this pu-erh will be relevant only if you are going to dance and have fun all night. It is interesting that having a good drink of “Old Tea Street” in your head you feel a brain storm full of ideas, so we advise you to direct yourself to a profitable business.

Заваривать “Старую чайную улицу” следует, придерживаясь канонам заваривания пуэров.. А именно самая подходящая температура воды 85-90С, первую заварку сливаем (не пьем), со второй повторяем процедуру и увеличиваем время заваривания где-то на 30 секунд и наслаждаемся ароматным пуэрчиком. “Старая чайная улица” заваривается достаточно хорошо, не стоит насиловать и держать его по максимуму, лучше сделайте всё внимательно и с наслаждением, а эффект мы гарантируем.

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