Type: dark, or over-fermented, shu pu-erh.

Name: Meng Hai Jin Ding Cha Ye You Xian Gong Si.

Alternative name: Menghai boar.

Origin: China, Yunnan Province, Fengshan Phoenix Town.

Manufacturer: Yunnan Xi Shuang Ban Na.

Year of production: 2008.



If you want to feel the aroma and taste of tea, which is prepared according to the classic shu pu-erh manufacturing technologies, but do not want to wield a knife and split a pancake with any significant effort, Menghai Boar tea is an ideal option for you. This tea has a pleasant, very bright nutty-woody aroma, and an amazing tonic effect on the body of a person drinking tea.

This tea differs from most pu-erhs in its light pressing. Damn, when you hold it in your hands and try to break it, it gives the impression of a light, almost airy product. This tea is ideal for those who do not like to use a pu-erh knife and prefer tea that can be easily broken by hand.

In dry form, tea is a loosely pressed pancake, light, almost airy compared to other pu-erhs. Black-brown, dark leaves in the structure of this pancake are intertwined with light brown. The pancake is easily broken by hand without any additional effort.

The aroma is characteristic of high-quality pu-erh, pleasant, with hints of prunes.

The taste is deep, pleasant, smooth, with hints of prunes and a long “woody” aftertaste.

The tea infusion is dark, oily, thick, dark brown, almost black, like classic dark pu-erhs.

The tea effect is tonic, tea gently and pleasantly focuses your attention on the work process or on the moments associated with relaxation. The action is long, brightly felt even within half an hour after drinking tea.

This tea should be brewed according to the rules for brewing shu pu-erh. If you overexpose this tea, the infusion will be more saturated and oily, bitterness, as in the case of overexposed shen pu-erh, will not be felt in the infusion.

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