Shu Puerh Old Tea Heads, 100g




Shu puerh “Old Tea Heads” is an exquisite tea with centuries-old traditions of Chinese tea culture. It is produced from specially selected raw materials in the Yunnan province, known for its tea heritage. This incredibly beautiful and aromatic tea got its name from the distinctive taste and aroma that unfold during brewing.

Taste and aroma:

“Old Tea Heads” impresses the taste receptors and imparts a rich and deep flavor. It has notes of wood, damp forest, and a subtle hint of mushrooms. The aroma of this tea is soft and pleasant, with notes of walnut husk and caramel.

Temperature and brewing time:

To achieve the best taste and aroma, it is recommended to brew “Old Tea Heads” at a water temperature of around 90-95°C (water that has just started to boil). Use approximately 5-7 grams of tea for 200 ml of water. The brewing time may vary from 20 seconds to 1 minute depending on your preference. Gradually increase the brewing time to reveal different aspects of this tea.

Tea pairings:

“Old Tea Heads” pairs wonderfully with desserts, cheese, and meat dishes. Try it with dark chocolate or fruits to experience the utmost pleasure.

Purchase shu puerh “Old Tea Heads” and savor the enchanting world of Chinese tea, steeped in history and culture. It is now available for you in our store. Store it in a dry and cool place to preserve all its wonderful properties.


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