Gift set of tea “Treasure of taste”


Manufacturer: “A thousand miles of land” tea factory

Composition of the set: Hong Cha Yunnan red tea, Hong Cha Fujian red tea, gift box, branded package

Size: 23x33x10 (cm);

Net weight: 200 grams.



An amazing gift set “Treasure of Taste” in beautiful, aesthetic packaging will be a great gift for lovers of elite Chinese tea. The set consists of two gift jars of 100 grams each containing selected varieties of Chinese red tea, a box with mini dots, a special box and a cardboard themed bag that will make your gift unforgettable. This set contains high grade fresh teas.


  • Red tea “Hong cha Yunnan” premium – 100 g;
  • Red tea “Hong Cha Fujian” premium – 100 g;
  • Mini sharpeners – 3 pcs

Red tea “Hong cha Yunnan” is made in the Jingu Mountains in Yunnan Province.

The bouquet of ready-made tea is bright, warm, honey-spicy with bread, coniferous, woody and berry notes. The aroma is thick, deep, warm. The taste is strong, sliding, velvety, juicy-tart, sweetish, with a pleasant fruity sourness. Juicy, long, refreshing aftertaste.

Break with boiling water at 95-100°C in a gaiwan or porous clay teapot for red teas. The proportion of tea leaves to water: 5-6 gr. per 100 ml. Drink by the strait with a gradual increase in exposure. Withstands 8-9 brews.

Red tea “Hong Cha Fujian” is created in the province of Fujian, famous for its oolongs, which have recently gained immense popularity. The words “hong cha” (红茶, hong cha) in the name of this tea mean “red tea”, and the word Fujian is the name of the province in which this tea is made.

Aroma: pleasant, unusual, fresh, reminiscent of the aroma of high quality black tea familiar to most residents of our country. There are notes of dried apricots, green apple, gingerbread.

Taste: full-bodied, very pleasant, characteristic of quality red teas, without foreign impurities, rich, slightly tart, with a long aftertaste. You can feel the shades of buckwheat honey, light sourness, long aftertaste.

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