Yixing Teapot “Great Teaching”


Material: yixing clay matte
Teapot volume: 295 ml
Product weight: 257 grams
Circulation: single copy
Master: Chunkche Da



This teapot is made from Yixing Clay or Zi Sha, a collective name for clays quarried in the Yixing area of ​​China. The teapot “Great Teaching” has a very powerful energy, as there is a calligraphic carving on the surface of the teapot, which gives it beauty, but first of all, a semantic load.

The Great Teaching teapot has a decent volume of 295 ml. That allows you to drink tea an ambiguous number of people. In such a teapot, the taste of tea is revealed in a special way. Each note is underlined. He acquires “education and refinement of the will.” This kettle is of the highest quality.

The jet is even, performing a large, solid arc at high pours. The water lock works perfectly, as soon as you slightly cover the hole in the lid, the kettle instantly retains water in the spout, not a single drop will have time to escape. It has a sustained, regular geometric shape. The lid sits very tightly, the “Great Teaching” teapot is self-sufficient in its own way, it needs a strong owner, with whom the tea will have no less strong energy and charge. Yixing clay teapot is the best option for brewing red teas, shu and shen pu-erh. This tea is able to emphasize the aftertaste of tea. By purchasing the Great Teaching teapot, prepare yourself for the fact that your ceremonies will take on a new level and meaning.

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