Yixing clay teapot “Eternal Energy”


Material: yixing clay matte
Teapot volume: 200 ml
Product weight: 229 grams
Circulation: single copy
Craftsman: Tsivo Tishen



The teapot has a trapezoidal shape. Along the perimeter, the master applied hieroglyphs on wet clay with wide strokes. For the manufacture of the Eternal Energy teapot, high-quality dark-colored Yixing clay was used. The material, form and discreet style reflect the aesthetics of minimalism, with its simplicity and closeness to the natural beauty of nature. This teapot is ideal for your tea space, it can become one of its main elements. The Eternal Energy teapot is a teapot that can impress even sophisticated lovers of Chinese tea culture!

The volume of this teapot is 200 ml. This volume is perfect for brewing any Chinese tea, both with large and small leaves. “Eternal Energy” was created from high quality clay, which does not have any foreign aroma and perfectly conveys the aroma and taste of the tea that is brewed in it.

You can use this teapot to brew any kind of Chinese tea, but you should not use it to brew varieties that are too far apart in flavor from each other. For example, it is worth brewing in it only sheng pu-erh, or only red teas.

We wish you bright impressions with Eternal Energy!

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