Teapot from Yixing clay “Dinshu”


Material: yixing clay matte
Teapot volume: 170 ml
Product weight: 173 grams
Circulation: single copy
Craftsman: Tsivo Tishen



A very interesting example of teapots from the city of Yixing, Jiangsu province. Made of light, golden-brown clay, a unique shape of a rounded cube, worthy of all the canons of Chinese teapots. The Dinshu teapot is not suitable for beginner tea lovers, they need a mature tea master who will be able to cope with the pressure of this instance.

Teapot “Dinshu” has a volume of 170 ml. I would like to tell you about the name of this teapot. The city of Yixing itself is famous for its Yixing or purple clay. This teapot came to us from the city in which the structure of Yixing teapot manufacturers directly unfolded, the city is called “Dingshu”.

The parameters of the kettle put it on a pedestal. The original proportions of the rounded cube and perfectly consistent geometry will add even more pathos to it. The water lock works perfectly, spout and handle converge horizontally.

The teapot is handmade and has a seal. The fact that the kettle is suitable for a person with experience does not mean that he is picky, these are outgoing sensations. There are teapots that jump right into your hands, and this one, with all appearance, is patiently waiting for its real and only owner.

If you have looked after yourself “Dinsha”, do not delay making a decision, we have no analogues to it.

We wish you to create truly wonderful tea with your best assistant, a teapot made of Yixing clay!

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