Yixing clay teapot “Cha Qi”


Material: yixing clay matte
Teapot volume: 200 ml
Product weight: 194 grams
Circulation: single copy
Master: Feng Liu



The best clay for making teapots in China is mined in the town of Yixing, located in Jiangsu province. The structure of Yixing clay is porous, so the tea “breathes” when brewed, enriched with oxygen. This enhances the aroma of tea, improves its taste. For brewing Chinese tea, a Yixing clay teapot is one of the best options for vessels. If you want to go deep into tea, immerse yourself in China’s tea culture, the Yixing teapot is the perfect teapot for you!

A high-quality teapot made of real Yixing clay with a porous structure that allows you to properly brew Chinese teas. This teapot has a wide enough neck that allows you to brew even teas with large flat leaves in it without crushing them in order to place them in the teapot. The water lock of this teapot works well, which allows you not to hold the lid of the teapot while pouring tea infusions into bowls or chahai.

The teapot is painted with hieroglyphs along the perimeter, which is of particular artistic value. All inscriptions are embossed on Yixing clay and convey the philosophical idea of ​​the all-seeing essence of nature and the surrounding world.

We wish you a good mood during the tea ceremony with tea “Cha Qi”!

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