Yixing clay teapot “Imperial gift”


Material: yixing clay matte
Teapot volume: 335 ml
Product weight: 270 grams
Circulation: single copy
Craftsman: Tsivo Tishen



“Imperial Gift” is a stunning teapot made from Yixing clay. This clay creates ideal conditions for brewing a wide variety of Chinese teas. The teapot “Imperial Gift” has a characteristic greasy sheen and emits a melodic beautiful ringing when tapped. This teapot can become a decoration of your tea space!

A teapot made of Yixing clay is a wonderful gift for a Chinese tea lover. If you want to make a present to one of your close friends, or to please yourself with a beautiful tea gift, the Imperial Gift teapot will be an ideal option for such a pleasant surprise.

This teapot is handmade. Hieroglyphs are applied along the perimeter, and the lid is decorated with a relief schematic flower.

The volume of this teapot is 335 ml. This volume allows you to brew teas with a wide variety of structures. Loose small teas, large-leaf wild pu-erhs, and pressed oolongs can fit in it. You can use this teapot to brew any kind of Chinese tea, but you should not brew teas that are too far apart, such as white teas and black pu-erhs, in it. Use this kettle to brew specific, closely spaced teas.

We wish you an amazing experience of tea drinking with the Imperial Gift teapot!

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