Teapot from Yixing clay “Jiangsu”


Material: yixing clay glossy
Teapot volume: 130 ml
Product weight: 156 grams
Circulation: single copy
Craftsman: Giade



A very interesting example of authentic teapots from the city of Yixing, Jiangsu province. Smooth, but not glossy to the touch, geometrically correct seasoned, beautiful teapot made of reddish Yixing clay. According to subjective feelings, we can add that the Jiangsu teapot is perfect for a person who wants to buy a beautiful high-quality teapot for making and comfortable using an item made of real Yixing clay.

Teapot “Jiangsu” has a volume of 130 ml I would like to tell you about the name of this teapot. This teapot came to us from the city of Yixing, in which the structure of the manufacturers of Yixing teapots was directly developed, and the province in which the city of Yixing is located is called “Jiangsu”, so this teapot bears such a name.

The parameters of the teapot make it the perfect item for your tea space. Correct proportions and hand-painted in the form of goldfish add a special charm to the teapot. The water lock works perfectly, spout and handle converge horizontally. There is a neat strainer on the inside, the manufacturer’s seal. This teapot is better for a person with experience, but this does not mean that he is picky. This teapot will serve as an ideal decoration for your tea space and a great tool for brewing Chinese tea.

Yixing teapot with a volume of 130 ml is ideal for making tea for 4-5 people so that each of the participants in the tea party can taste the taste of each of the prepared tea leaves. In addition, due to the unique properties of Yixing clay, tea will perfectly reveal the aroma and taste of tea. You can also comfortably brew tea alone.

If you have looked after yourself “Jiangsu”, do not wait long to make a decision, it is quite difficult to find an analogue of this teapot.

We wish you to brew truly wonderful tea with your best helper – a teapot made of Yixing clay!

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