Dinnerware Set Tea Symphony


The set consists of 4 bowls and one teapot. The volume of one bowl is 25 ml. The volume of the teapot is 185 ml.



Tea Symphony is an exquisite tea set for connoisseurs, consisting of four bowls and one teapot. This set reflects the aesthetics of Eastern tea traditions, combining modern design with classic motifs.

The teapot, made of high-quality ceramics, has a smooth matte surface and an elegant, minimalist form. It is equipped with a convenient handle for safe and comfortable pouring of tea. Its capacity is ideally suited for group tea ceremonies or prolonged enjoyment of tea.

The bowls, also made of ceramics, complement the teapot. They have a unique design with shallow edges, allowing the beverage to cool quickly to the optimal drinking temperature. Their surface is decorated with fine, barely noticeable patterns, adding sophistication and originality.

All elements of the “Tea Symphony” set are made in a unified style, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility. This set is perfect for both daily use and special occasions, making each tea ritual special and memorable.


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