Tea set Gentle Lotus


The set includes a teapot and 6 cups. 75 ml cup. 170 ml teapot.

Dinnerware set with a small tea tray 180×180 – UAH 2100. Dinnerware set with a tea tray 180×360 – UAH 2300.



Tea set “Gentle Lotus” is an exclusive gift for those who appreciate the refined taste of tea and the harmony of tea time. Every detail of this set is crafted with incredible attention to detail and executed elegantly, much like the lotus itself – a symbol of purity and balance.

The set includes:

  • Exquisite teacups that add a special touch of luxury to every sip of tea.
  • Lotus-shaped teapot that creates an effect of tenderness and tranquility with its exquisite design.

This tea set is not just tableware; it’s a part of your ritual that will help you relax and savor every sip of aromatic tea. Treat yourself or your special someone to the best tea time with the “Gentle Lotus.” Uplifting spirits and a sense of harmony are guaranteed.


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