Tea Harmony Set


The set includes a gaiwan and 4 cups – UAH 850, with a tea tray – UAH 1900. 100 ml gaiwan. 25 ml cup.



A dinnerware set designed to enhance your tea enjoyment. The set includes beautifully crafted porcelain teacups and a gaiwan, everything you need for preparing and serving tea with style and elegance.

Porcelain teacups and a gaiwan provide a delicate and sophisticated setting for your tea sessions. Their smooth texture and exquisite design add a touch of refinement to every moment. Porcelain is known for its strength and its ability to preserve the taste and aroma of tea. This set ensures durability and high quality. It includes teacups for loose leaf tea and a gaiwan for traditional tea preparation. This set provides you with everything you need for an unforgettable tea experience. Suitable for both experienced tea enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of tea, it creates a unique atmosphere and allows you to fully enjoy your tea sessions.


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