Мате Rosamonte classic 500g


Rosamonte Classic 500g Mate – the perfect choice for those who appreciate the traditional taste and energy of Argentine mate. Enjoy the deep aroma and invigorating flavor in every cup of this authentic beverage.



Experience the authentic South American vibe with Rosamonte Classic 500g Mate – an exquisite product that embodies the richness and traditions of Argentine mate.

Rosamonte Classic Mate is a blend of quality leaves and an unparalleled taste that energizes and stimulates the senses. Each cup of this beverage offers a unique aroma and deep flavor that immerses you in the atmosphere of authentic mate drinking.

This classic mate is the perfect choice for those who appreciate traditional values and want to savor the taste of Argentine mate. It’s ideal for daily consumption and will be your faithful companion during long work hours or enjoyable gatherings with friends.

Choose Rosamonte Classic 500g Mate and immerse yourself in the world of authentic South American flavor and energy!

Key Features:

  •  Quality leaves of Argentine mate Rosamonte Classic
  • Deep and unparalleled taste
  • Perfect for daily consumption
  • Offers an authentic aroma and taste of Argentine mate


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