Kratom White Elefant


The effect:

  • relieves pain in the body
  • tones up
  • improves mood
  • stabilizes the emotional state
  • boosts immunity


Beneficial features

White kratom is characterized by fine grinding and a light effect on the liver and pancreas. At the same time, the analgesic effect of this is only higher: the white variety of kratom relieves pain, alleviates acute chronic conditions, improves blood microcirculation in the capillaries. In addition, regular customers note an improvement in mood, removal of symptoms of depression and an increase in the general tone of the body: there is a desire for motor and mental activity.

The specific taste of kratom powder cannot be an obstacle to feeling the fullness of its effect. The bitter taste disappears when lemon juice is used in combination with a sweetener. We bring to your attention the following recipes.


Brewing methods

Recipe 1 “Light”

5 grams dry white kratom powder

250-300 ml water

¼ lemon

Honey or sugar to taste


Bring water to a boil, pour kratom, add lemon juice (it is best to use a glass transparent container). After 10-15 minutes, after the powder precipitates, drain (filter) the liquid, add a sweetener and enjoy the soft and pleasant taste of kratom.


Recipe 2 “Smoothie Cocktail”

5 grams dry white kratom powder

50 ml hot water

¼ lemon

1 grapefruit

Honey or sugar to taste


Pour 5 grams of kratom with hot boiled water (up to 95 degrees), mix, let the kratom granules absorb moisture and reveal their properties. Add lemon juice and grapefruit juice (possible with pulp), sweetener and voila, a delicious cocktail is ready.


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