Kratom red


Origin: Indonesia

Type: Kratom Powder

Year: 2022


  • strong analgesic
  • sedative
  • muscle relaxant
  • stimulating rush of endorphins
  • accelerating metabolic processes in the body


It is called “red” kratom because of the presence of red veins in the leaves. These kratom leaves are carefully selected at harvest and dried in the sun for further grinding. Red kratom contains the largest amount of mitragynine and other alkaloids, which allows us to enjoy all the healing properties of this plant in a concentrated form. This variety of kratom relieves muscle pain and can even replace pharmaceutical painkillers. It is also excellent for relieving stress and symptoms of depression. It clearly shows its effect after a hard day’s work, when the psyche is vulnerable and needs rest and support.


Cooking methods

Recipe 1 “Green Mitragina”

5 grams dry white kratom powder

200-250 ml water

½ lemon

Honey or sugar to taste


Bring water to a boil, pour kratom, add lemon juice (it is best to use a glass transparent container). After 10-15 minutes, after the powder precipitates, drain (filter) the liquid, add a sweetener and enjoy the soft and pleasant taste of kratom.


Recipe 2 “Smoothie Citrus”

5 grams dry white kratom powder

50 ml hot water

½ lemon

½ grapefruit

Honey or sugar to taste


Pour 5 grams of kratom with hot boiled water (up to 95 degrees), mix, let the kratom granules absorb moisture and reveal their properties. Add lemon and grapefruit juice (possible with pulp), sweetener and voila, a delicious cocktail is ready.


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