Gift set of tea “Thousand miles”


Manufacturer: “A thousand miles of land” tea factory

Composition of the set: Maofeng green tea, Jin Jun Mei red tea, mini dots, gift box< strong>

Size: 23x33x10 (cm)

Net weight: 215 grams

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Do you want to give a luxurious gift to a lover of Chinese teas? Are you going to impress a person who is far from the tea culture of China, but who loves green teas? A gift set of Chinese teas “Thousand miles” is exactly what you are looking for! The set includes 2 tea cans, a box with mini dots and a gift box. The set looks attractive and high-status, which allows you to give it even to very significant people. The box has parameters 33x23x10 cm.

The Thousand Miles Tea Set includes three teas packaged in iron cans with the following net weights:

  1. Chinese green tea “Maofeng” – 100 grams
  2. Chinese red tea “Jin Jun Mei” – 100 grams
  3. Mini dots – 3 pcs

Green and red teas should be especially carefully brewed. Do not use unfiltered water for brewing, even if you have your own spring water, the quality of which you used to trust. It is better to take purified drinking water for tea drinking with these teas, and bring it in a teapot to a temperature of about 85…90 degrees.

Do not use too hot or already boiling water to brew the teas included in the Thousand Miles Gift Set. Do not keep these teas in contact with water when brewing. Use clay gaiwan or porcelain gaiwan to brew tea, or clay teapot , you can also use a flask to brew tea.

Rinse the tea before brewing by pouring hot water over it and immediately draining it into the shepherd tray or into the sink if you are having a tea party without a Chinese tea table. Brew these teas in spills without keeping the first about 5 infusions in contact with water, and after the 5th infusion, start adding about 5 seconds to the contact time of tea and water.

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