Gift set of tea “Traditions of China”


Manufacturer: Jiang Shan You Pin;

Composition of the set: Maofeng green tea, Shu Mei white tea, gift box, protective film, branded bag;

Size: 23x33x10 (cm);

Net weight: 200 grams.



An amazing gift set “Traditions of China” in beautiful, aesthetic packaging will be a great gift for lovers of elite Chinese tea. The set consists of two metal jars, 100 g each, a gift box, a protective film inside the box and a gift bag.

The set of teas “Traditions of China” includes two teas packed in iron cans of the following net weight:

  1. Chinese green tea “Maofeng” – 100 grams
  2. Chinese white tea “Shu Mei” – 100 grams

Chinese green tea “Maofeng” is a high-quality tea, which is a short straight “needles” of tea leaves, covered with delicate whitish villi – delicate fluff, which indicates the highest quality of this tea. Maofen has a wonderful aroma and a good tonic tea effect.

Shu mei white tea is a refined type of Chinese tea, which practically does not undergo oxidation and, as a result, has a very delicate taste and a meditative tea effect. When collecting raw materials for white tea, only tips with a bud and two adjacent leaves are taken, and the main task of tea masters is to carefully collect and process the leaves so as not to damage them mechanically and not provoke oxidation.

Having received such an exquisite gift, a person will no doubt be grateful and disposed towards you for many years.

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