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Types of tea

This magical drink has been known for over a thousand years. In part, the name of the Chinese tea created a magical healing effect. Enduring popularity of centuries of Chinese tea (tea and is now easy to order, before it was much more difficult) is a wonderful combination of delicious flavor, stunning instant tea effect (cleansing properties) and the result coming from the experience of drinking tea (medical aspect).

Tea types that can be listed for a long time, and the magic curative effect described widely, depending on the classification used, in fact, all comes from the same tree - tea camellia. At the tea leaves have a number of properties (such as cleaning), due to which it remains popular to this day, in this age of advanced medicine and high technology. So, the magic of Chinese tea, almost all species of which can be ordered now for tasting and regular tea, has a pronounced therapeutic effect. Particularly relevant magical healing tea for those vessels that are clogged with atherosclerotic plaque, and his head - bad thoughts. The cleaning properties of the drink known as women seeking to harmony. And you think, why in China, very few fat people?

Yes, because almost all Chinese drink magical, medicinal drink. Here you can order tea types which covered later in the article. Thus, the types of Chinese tea are classified in different ways: you can select the therapeutic effect and cleansing properties of tea, but you can use more traditional classification - for example, on the degree of fermentation. Types of tea fermentation intensity tea leaf teas are divided into white, green, yellow, red and black tea. In addition, there is a super cleaning puerh, which are both extensively fermented. On our site you can order all of these teas, white tea, even magical.

Herbal tea

A separate category medical tea, it is worth mentioning Kudin. Kudin easy to order on the Internet resource on the tea, but in fact it is not tea, but drink the magic, and the quality of cleaning as well known to the Chinese, and the therapeutic effect only recently came to Western civilization. The types and grades of tea leaf, characterized by cleansing effects, such as generally stimulate the gastrointestinal tract. However, if you invest in the concept of "cleansing" the broader sense, such a therapeutic tea will - white, green, turquoise.

Although some types of red teas are not less useful in terms of purification - a question of quality of raw materials is not less than actual. Treatment with the instant tea is very interesting, firstly, the presence placebo action, and secondly, the true useful properties. Perhaps the tea leaves will not cure all diseases, but will strengthen the immune system, helps the body to deduce toxic substances, and definitely cheer up, tone, add activity and order. Such is the magic drink.

Have tea

Order tea can be on our website. If a tea type, their diversity, puts you in a dead end - try to order a set of probes - types of tea in the amount of 3-5, put up for one or two tea parties. This will initially slightly to orient in a variety of Chinese teas and order something you like. Types of tea and its magical healing effect dependent on the growth of Camellia: There is a big difference, order tea from the high old trees, or bushes with young terraced, magical healing effect of tea leaves which is significantly lower, as well as cleansing properties.